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3 Tools to Check and Test USB Flash Drive

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H2testw – Test for Fake USB Flash Drives

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Restoring the Drive to Its Original Size

H2testw is a free tool that can be used to test for Counterfeit or Fake USB flash drives, and check [ ]. Like a number of products you can buy, flash based devices such as USB drives and media cards can be counterfeited and have a different capacity to what the drive states in Windows or on the packaging etc.

Here we show you 4 tools designed to check your flash media and tell if it's size is what you expect. H2testw is an excellent utility tool that allows you to check your USB, memory cards, hard drives, music players, and internal memory of mobile phones in order to detect errors of those devices.

H2testw assists users in detecting errors on USB, hard drives, storage devices, cameras, MP3 players, internal memory of mobile phones. I ordered a bunch of 1GB usb drives from a semi-shady Chinese company.

Most of them work just fine, but a couple of them won't let me format them because they are "write-protected." There is no write.

4 Tools to Test and Detect Fake or Counterfeit USB Flash Drives

Dec 17,  · H2testw – Test for Fake USB Flash Drives (%) 39 votes H2testw is a free tool that can be used to test for Counterfeit or Fake USB flash drives, and check your USB Flash Drive for /5(39). So I was searching for a 32 GB USB flash drive, and I really like the Kingston DataTraveler series (I have 3 of them).

I found one on eBay for a great price. What I didn’t realize was that the Internet is infested with unscrupulous sellers trying to unload fake flash drives onto unsuspecting buyers.

Usb h2testw
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