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Giving Balochis a Stake in Balochistan's Mineral Wealth

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Sanaullah Khan Zehri

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The multibillion drain-gold Saindak project is also situated in the Past province of Balochistan. The agreement signed by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent visit did indeed mention minerals projects in Balochistan. But Kamal has effectively shut the door on the federal government negotiating these projects in Balochistan against the interests of the province.

Tourism in Balochistan is a developing industry, and is overseen by the Tourism Directorate under the Government of Balochistan. Balochistan is known for its long coastal belt which extends from Karachi through Sonmiani, Ormara, Kalmat, Pasni, Gwadar, Jiwani and all the way up to Iran.

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Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri (Urdu: نواب ثناء اللہ خان زہری ‬ ‎) was the Chief Minister of Balochistan from 24 December to 9 December He is the Nawab of the Zehri tribe and chief of Jhalawan.

Balochistan Gems & Minerals, Quetta. 3, likes · 3 talking about this. We are business house with our team of experts. We deal in Import and Export of. Balochistan (/ b ə ˌ l oʊ tʃ ɪ ˈ s t ɑː n /; Urdu: بلوچِستان ‬ ‎), is one of the four provinces of Pakistan.

It is the largest province in terms of land area, forming the southwestern region of the country. Apply, If You Want To Get A Mineral Title. Reconnaissance Licence (RL). Exploration Licence (EL).

Mineral Deposit Retention Licence (MDRL). Mining Lease (ML).

Balochistan, Pakistan

Balochistan has excellent mineral potential including precious metals, dimension stones, industrial minerals, rock salt, coal, etc. but the potential has not been developed commensurately.

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