Does morality depend on religion

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Does Morality Depend on Religion?

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For why community him for what he has done if he would be sure praiseworthy in doing exactly the previous?. Rachels thinks morality depends on reason, not religion He thinks they are conceptually separate/independent Although one can link them by seeing reason as a God-given power that allows us to understand what is right and wrong.

So, in a way, morality does depend on religion, but only the religion as a social group; the religion as a belief in a God doesn't make someone moral.

I would argue the opposite, a sense of morality must exist for a religion to function. Judaism was founded on the Ten Commandments.

Sep 05,  · Morality in no way depends on religion as an entity in and of itself.

Morality and religion

That being said, religions can have a very influential factor in the creation and passing of morality to the next generation; but this is simply because a religion. Does morality depend upon religion? Most people believe it does, which is a major reason behind the appeal of the religious right.

People believe that without faith in a supernatural authority, we can have no moral values–no moral absolutes, no black-and-white distinctions, no firm demarcation between good and evil–in life or in politics.

Does Morality Depend on Religion? This could potentially be one of the more controversial subjects we discuss in ethical theory. Many people have very strong feelings regarding religion and also very strong views on the connection between religion and morality.

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Does morality depend on religion
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