Cell phines chould not be allowed

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Is Your Child Ready for a Cell Phone?

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Cell Phones Allowed In School – 5 Reasons For Allowing Them

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Should cell phones be allowed in school? A Pew Research Center study found that 65 percent of cell-owning teens bring their phones to school despite any bans that may be in place.

Should the Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools

Most schools now allow students to have cell phones but require them to be turned off during class because they can be disruptive and distracting. Cell phone has a harmful effect on teenagers. Student at high school should not be allowed with cell phones due to certain circumstances.

Cell Phones Allowed In School – 5 Reasons For Allowing Them

There are many disadvantages derived from the uses of cell phones by high school students. I am writing an essay on why cell phones should NOT be allowed in the classrooms.

Should the Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools

Students such as me, cannot afford distraction. There are plenty of tools for learning is the classrooms, if you need a tool on your cell phone, that you aren’t allowed to get from the classroom, then you shouldn’t cheat and give whatever it is you are doing your best try without the tool you think you need.

Home > Opinions > Society > Should children have cell phones? Add a New Topic. Should children have cell phones? CHILDREN should not have cell phones. A CHILD should always be close to a parent or a trusted adult which I'm certain would have a cell phone they could let the CHILD use if needed.

Should military recruitment be. Recently we were discussing cell phones and how they affect children in school. Cell phones should not be allowed in schools. By Cell. Another scenario for students why students should be allowed to have their cell phones in school is their might be a family emergency such as parent being in an accident or a grandparent has died, having a phone would allow the student to be updated and be able to arrange to leave early.

Cell phines chould not be allowed
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Cell Phones Allowed In School - 5 Reasons For Allowing Them - Use of Technology